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Audit Log Event Names

May 02, 2013
Important: Workload Balancing (WLB) and its functionality has been removed from XenServer version 6.2 and higher. Applications, code, or usage that depend WLB will not function in XenServer version 6.2 and higher. See CTX137333 for details.

The following table defines some events that appear frequently in the XenServer Audit Log and the Pool Audit Trail report. For additional event definitions, see the Citrix XenServer Management API.

In the Pool Audit Trail report, the events listed in the Event Action column apply to a pool, VM, or host. To determine what the events apply to, see the Event Object and Object Name columns in the report.

Event action User action
SR.destroy Destroyed the storage repository.
VM.start Started a virtual machine.
http/get_audit_log Retrieved Audit Log.
reboot Restarted a XenServer host.
disable Put the host into a state in which no new VMs can be started.
migrate Migrated all VMs off of this host, provided it was possible.
suspend VM state was saved to disk and is no longer running.
hard_shutdown Stopped executing the specified VM without attempting a clean shutdown.
hard_reboot Stopped executing the specified VM without attempting a clean shutdown and immediately restarted the VM.
start_on Started the specified VM on a particular host.
snapshot_with_quiesce Took a snapshot of the specified VM with quiesce, making a new VM.
enable_ha Turn on High Availability mode.
copy Copied the specified VM, making a new VM.
disable_ha Turn off High Availability mode.
join_force Instructed (forced) host to join a new pool.
join Instructed host to join a new pool.
shutdown Shutdown the specified VM.
pool_migrate Migrated a VM to another host.
pool.retrieve_wlb_recommendations Retrieved Workload Balancing recommendations for this pool.