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Generating and Managing Workload Balancing Reports

May 03, 2013
Important: Workload Balancing (WLB) and its functionality has been removed from XenServer version 6.2 and higher. Applications, code, or usage that depend WLB will not function in XenServer version 6.2 and higher. See CTX137333 for details.

This topic provides basic instructions for using Workload reports, including how to generate, navigate in, print, and export reports.

To generate a Workload Balancing report

  1. In the Resources pane of XenCenter, select your-resource-pool.
  2. From the Pool menu, select View Workload Reports.
    Tip: You can also display the Workload Reports screen from the WLB tab by clicking the Reports button.
  3. From the Workload Reports screen, select a report from the left pane.
  4. Select the Start Date and the End Date for the reporting period. Depending on the report you select, you might need to specify a host in the Host list box.
  5. Click Run Report. The report displays in the report window.

To navigate in a Workload Balancing report

After generating a report, you can use the toolbar buttons in the report to navigate and perform certain tasks. To display the name of a toolbar button, pause your mouse over toolbar icon.

Report Toolbar Buttons:

Document Map. Displays a document map that helps you navigate through long reports.
Page Forward/Back. Moves one page ahead or back in the report.
Back to Parent Report. Returns to the parent report when working with drill-through reports.
Note: This button is only available in drill-through reports, such as the Pool Health report.
Stop Rendering. Stops the report generation.
Print. Prints a report and specify general printing options, such as the printer, the number of pages, and the number of copies.
Print Layout. Displays a preview of the report before you print it. To exit Print Layout, click the Print Layout button again.
Page Setup. Specifies printing options such as the paper size, page orientation, and margins.
Export. Exports the report as an Acrobat (.pdf) file or as an Excel file with a .xls extension.
Find. Searches for a word in a report, such as the name of a virtual machine.

To print a Workload Balancing report

Before you can print a report, you must first generate it.

  1. (Optional.) To preview the printed document, click Print Layout.
  2. (Optional.) To change the paper size/source, page orientation, or margins, click Page Setup.
  3. Click Print.

To export a Workload Balancing report

You can export a report in Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats.

After generating the report, click Export and select one of the following:

  • Excel
  • Acrobat (.pdf) file
Note: The amount of data included when you export a report may differ depending on the export format. Reports exported to Excel include all the data available for the report, including "drilldown" data, whereas reports displayed in XenCenter or exported as .pdf only contain the data that you selected when you generated the report.