Product Documentation

The Toolbar

Nov 28, 2012

The XenCenter toolbar provides quick access to some of the most common XenCenter tasks, for example, to connect to new servers and create new VMs.

Using the Back and Forward buttons on the Toolbar

The Back and Forward buttons on the toolbar work like Back and Forward buttons on a browser and allow you to quickly move between views of your resources.

  • To display your previous resource view, click Back.
  • To display the next resource view (if you have used Back ), click Forward.
  • To display one of the resource views you have used in this session, click the arrow next to the Back or Forward buttons, and then select the view you want from the list.

Showing and hiding the toolbar

You can hide the toolbar, for example, if you need to make more space in the XenCenter window for the console display. To hide the toolbar, do one of the following:

  • Right-click anywhere on the toolbar and, on the shortcut menu, click to remove the Show Toolbar check mark.
  • On the View menu, click to select Toolbar.

Any changes you make to your XenCenter toolbar visibility are persistent and will be saved from session to session.

XenCenter system alerts

You can quickly see if there are any system alerts by looking at the system alerts notification area at the top right of the XenCenter window. Click here to open the System Alerts window where you can see a list of all current system alerts, and deal with them.

Note that if the toolbar has been hidden, you can view your current system alerts count and open the System Alerts dialog box from the small button in the top right corner of the XenCenter window:

See XenCenter System Alerts to find out more.