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XenCenter Event Log

Nov 20, 2012

XenCenter maintains an event log which can be helpful with troubleshooting. You can view a summary of events in the current XenCenter session by clicking on the Logs tab. A much more detailed, permanent record of XenCenter events is stored in a log file in your profile folder, and this can be used to troubleshoot any problems that may arise during a XenCenter session.

Viewing events in the current session

To view the events summary for your current XenCenter session, click on the Logs tab. To view the event data in a separate window, on the Window menu, click Log Window.

  • To filter the information shown, use the check boxes at the top of the tab or window: select a check box to show events of that type; clear the check box to hide events of that type.
  • To delete all inactive log entries from the Logs tab, click Clear and confirm by clicking OK.

    Note that this only clears log entries from the Logs tab; it does not remove log entries from the permanent XenCenter event log file.

Viewing the XenCenter event log file

A permanent XenCenter log file (syslog) is generated when you use XenCenter. This file includes a complete description of all operations and errors that occur when using XenCenter. It also contains informational logging of events that provide an audit trail of various actions that have occurred in XenCenter and on your managed resources.

The XenCenter log file is stored in %appdata%\Citrix\XenCenter.

The log output from XenCenter is invaluable when diagnosing problems in your XenServer environment. To quickly locate the XenCenter log file, for example, when you need to email it to your support organization, you can click on Help > View Application Log Files in XenCenter.