Product Documentation

Updating Managed Servers

Nov 21, 2012

Updates for XenServer are supplied as files with the file extension .xsupdate (or .xsoem for embedded servers running older versions of XenServer). You must always update all of the servers in a pool at the same time; running a mixed pool of updated and non-updated servers for general operation is NOT supported as communications between the servers in the pool may be interrupted or may not work as expected.

Important: You must reboot all your servers prior to installing an update and then verify their configuration, for example, to check that their VMs start and that their storage is accessible. This is because some configuration changes only take effect when a server is rebooted, so the reboot may uncover configuration problems that would cause the update to fail.

You can use one of the following methods to install an update to your managed server:

  • The Check for Updates window provides an automated mechanism to check for the available updates, download them and apply them to your managed server.
  • The Install Update wizard guides you through a step-by-step procedure to apply a previously-downloaded update to your managed server.
Note: You can use the Check for Updates window to apply updates to servers running XenServer version 6.0 or later. To apply updates to servers running XenServer version 5.6 Service Pack 2 or earlier, see Applying updates using Install Update wizard.

Applying updates using Check for Updates window

  1. From the XenCenter menu, select Tools and then Check for Updates. The Check for Updates window will be displayed.
  2. Select the required update from the list of updates and click the Download & Install button. This action extracts the update and opens the Install Update wizard on the Pre-checks page with the update file loaded onto the wizard and the relevant servers selected.
    Note: Along with other updates, the Check for Updates window also lists any available new versions of XenServer. See Upgrading Managed Servers for information on upgrading your XenServer hosts using the Rolling Pool Upgrade wizard.
  3. The wizard performs a number of update pre-checks to verify that the update can be actually applied on the selected servers and displays the result. Click Resolve All to resolve the issues that prevent the updates being applied.
  4. Click Next.
  5. The Install Update wizard enables you to install software updates in automatic mode or manual mode:
    • In automatic mode, the wizard will automatically migrate VMs off each server, place the server in Maintenance Mode, apply the update, reboot the server and then migrate the VMs back onto the updated server again. Any actions that were taken at the pre-check stage to enable the updates to be applied, such as turning off HA, will be reverted.
    • In manual mode, the wizard will attempt to apply the update without performing any post-installation actions for you. A list of required post-update actions is shown on the Update Mode page of the wizard; click Save to file to copy this list to a text editor; you can then use this as a helpful checklist after the wizard closes.
  6. Click Install Update to begin installing the update on the selected servers. Note that you will need to manually restart any updated servers when the update is complete if you are updating in Manual mode.

Applying updates using Install Update wizard

The Install Update wizard allows you to apply the same update to multiple servers at the same time. Ensure that you have downloaded the required update before you open the Install Update wizard. Follow the instructions below to download the update.

Download available updates:

  1. From the XenCenter menu, select Tools and then Check for Updates. This displays the Check for Updates window which provides a list of the available XenServer and XenCenter updates.
  2. Select the required update from the list and click the Web Page link. This opens the update page in your browser.
  3. Click the Download button and save the file to a preferred location.

    After downloading software updates (or "patches") for XenServer, you can install them on your managed servers using the Install Update wizard.

    To open the Install Update wizard: from the XenCenter menu, select Tools and then Install Update. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply updates to your managed server.