Product Documentation

Updating XenCenter

Nov 21, 2012

If automatic update notification is configured, you may occasionally be notified that a new update is available for XenCenter. XenCenter updates are supplied as Windows installer (.msi) packages and can be downloaded from the Citrix XenServer updates page.

You can check for new XenCenter versions manually at any time by choosing Tools and then Check for Updates option from the XenCenter menu. This will open a window which displays the details of the available updates.

To download and install a new version of XenCenter:

  1. From the XenCenter menu, select Tools and then Check for Updates. This displays a list of available updates.
  2. Select the required XenCenter update and click the Download link. This opens the Citrix XenServer downloads page in your web browser.
  3. Click the link in Get helpful resources section to open the Citrix XenServer Helpful Resources page.
  4. Find the entry for XenCenter in the list of downloads and click Download.
  5. If this is the first time you have downloaded XenCenter updates, you will need to install the Akamai Download Manager, which is required to download XenCenter updates. When prompted, accept the Download Manager security certificate, then click Install to install the Download Manager.
  6. Click Download Now to download the XenCenter MSI file.
  7. Browse to locate the folder where you want to put the new XenCenter MSI and then click Save to open the Download Manager and begin downloading the MSI file.
  8. Exit your current XenCenter session.
  9. When the download is complete (progress shown as 100% in the Download Manager), click Launch to begin installing the new version of XenCenter.
  10. When XenCenter installation is complete, click Exit to close the Download Manager.