Product Documentation

Create a New Template From a Snapshot

Dec 11, 2012

While it is not possible to copy a VM snapshot directly, you can create a new VM template from a snapshot and then use that to make copies of the snapshot. Templates are a "gold image" - ordinary VMs which are intended to be used as master copies from which to create new VMs. Once you have set up a VM the way you want it and taken a snapshot of it, you can then save the snapshot as a new template and use it to create copies of your specially-configured VM in the same resource pool. Note that the snapshot's memory state will not be saved when you do this.

To save a snapshot as a new template

  1. On the Snapshots tab, select the snapshot, right click and then click Create Template from Snapshot on the shortcut menu.
  2. Enter the name of the new template and then click OK. Once the new template has been successfully created, it appears as a custom template in the Resources pane and on the Templates page in the New VM wizard.

To save an orphan snapshot as a new template

If the original VM used to create the snapshot has been deleted, you can save it as a new template as follows:

  1. In the Resources pane, switch to Folder View.
  2. Click to expand the Types group and then expand the Snapshots group.
  3. Select the snapshot, then right-click and click Create Template from Snapshot on the shortcut menu.