Product Documentation

Audit Log Events

Oct 06, 2014

The Audit Log report logs XenServer events, event objects and actions, including import/export, host and pool backups, and guest and host console access. The following table defines some of the typical events that appear frequently in the XenServer Audit Log and Pool Audit Trail report, and it also specifies the granularity of these events.

In the Pool Audit Trail report, the events listed in the Event Action column apply to a pool, VM, or host. To determine what the events apply to, see the Event Object and Object Name columns in the report. For additional event definitions, see the Citrix XenServer Management API Guide. To know more about the Pool Audit Trail granularity settings, see Advanced Settings.

Pool Audit Trail Granularity Event Action User Action
Minimum VM.start Started a virtual machine.
Minimum VM.copy Copied the specified VM, making a new VM.
Minimum host.reboot Restarted a XenServer host.
Minimum host.disable Put the host into a state in which no new VMs can be started.
Minimum pool.join Instructed host to join a new pool.
Minimum pool.join_force Instructed (forced) host to join a new pool.
Medium SR.destroy Destroyed the storage repository.
Medium SR.create Created a new storage repository.
Medium VDI.snapshot Took a read-only snapshot of the VDI, returning a reference to the snapshot.
Medium VDI.clone Took an exact copy of the VDI and returned a reference to the new disk.
Medium VIF.plug Hotplugged the specified VIF, dynamically attaching it to the running VM.
Medium VIF.unplug Hot-unplugged the specified VIF, dynamically detaching it from the running VM.
Maximum auth.get_subject_identifier Queried the external directory service to obtain the subject identifier as a string from the human-readable subject name.
Maximum task.cancel Requested that a task be cancelled.
Maximum VBD.insert Inserted new media into the device.
Maximum VIF.get_by_uuid Got a reference to the VIF instance with the specified UUID.
Maximum VDI.get_sharable Got the sharable field of the given VDI.
Maximum SR.get_all Returned a list of all the SRs known to the system.
Maximum pool.create_new_blob Created a placeholder for a named binary blob of data that is associated with this pool.
Maximum host.send_debug_keys Injected the given string as debugging keys into Xen.
Maximum VM.get_boot_record Returned a record describing the VM’s dynamic state, initialised when the VM boots and updated to reflect runtime configuration changes e.g. CPU hotplug.