Product Documentation

Getting Started with XenCenter

Nov 28, 2012

With XenCenter, you can manage your XenServer environment and deploy, manage, and monitor virtual machines from your Windows desktop machine. Just click the topics below to get started.

Add a New Server Connecting to XenServer host servers and adding them to the list of managed resources in XenCenter.
Create a Shared Storage Creating XenServer storage repositories (SR) to provide storage that can be shared between managed servers.
Create a New Pool Grouping managed servers together into a resource pool with shared storage using the New Pool wizard.
Create a Virtual Machine Creating new virtual machines (VMs) with the New VM wizard.
Managing Users Configuring access control by adding Active Directory (AD) user accounts and assigning different levels of access through the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) feature.

For information on system requirements for Citrix XenServer and XenCenter, see the XenServer Installation Guide.