Product Documentation

Searching Resources

Sep 03, 2014

XenCenter enables you to perform complex searches of your managed resources. By default, XenCenter includes several searches that allow you to search resources by tag, and VMs by network, operating system, power state, vApp, and XenServer Tools status. You can also create and add your own custom searches to this list at any time. The view on the Search tab depends on the option you select in the Navigation pane. Select a view from the Navigation pane and then click on the Search tab to start your search query. The Search tab also displays a title that highlights the selection of resources for your search query.

You can also do a simple text search on resource names by typing a word or a phrase in the Search box, located above the Resources pane. Matching resources are displayed as you type. To remove the query and view all your resources again, click the x button at the right of the Search box. Refer to the following topics for more information: