Product Documentation

Export and Import Searches

Aug 29, 2014
XenCenter enables you to save search queries as XenSearch (.xensearch) files. When you export and save a search query, only the search query is saved, and not the results.

To export the current search

  1. On the Search tab, click Export.
  2. Enter a file name and location and then click Save.

To import a search

  1. On the Search tab, click Import. Alternatively, on the XenCenter File menu, select Import Search.
  2. Browse to locate the exported search file (file extension .xensearch ) and then click Open. The imported search will be performed immediately, displaying results on the Search tab.

To save the imported search as a new custom search, click Save and then specify a Name for the search query and choose the Location where the search query metadata will be stored. Click Save to confirm.