Product Documentation

Change Pool Properties

Apr 15, 2015

Select any resource pool in the Resources pane and click on the General tab to see its properties and current status. Click Properties on the General tab to change the properties of a pool.

General properties - Name, Description, Folder, Tags

On the General Properties tab you can change the pool's name and description, place it in a folder, and manage its tags.

  • To change the pool name, enter a new name in the Name box.
  • To change its description, enter new text in the Description box.
  • To place the pool in a folder or to move it to a different folder, click Change in the Folder box and select a folder. See Using folders for more information about using folders.
  • To tag and untag the pool and to create and delete tags, see Using tags.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to add information to managed resources to make it easier to search and organize them. See Using custom fields to find out how to assign custom fields to your managed resources.

Email Options

Use this tab to configure email notification for system alerts generated on any of the servers or VMs in the pool. See XenCenter Alerts for details about how to set up alert email notification.

Power On

The Power On feature allows you to configure power management preferences for servers that support power management, allowing them to be powered off and on automatically depending on the pool's total workload (via Workload Balancing).

  • In the list of servers at the top of the tab, select the server(s) for which you want to configure power management.
  • Under Power On mode, specify the Power On settings (Disabled, Wake-on-LAN, HP iLO, DRAC, or custom script) for the selected servers.
  • Under Configuration options, specify either the IP address and credentials or key-value pairs for a host power-on script, depending on the Power On mode option you chose.

See Configuring Host Power On for more information on prerequisites for configuring the Host Power On feature and the different configuration options available.


This tab allows you to set a pool-wide policy to assign VMs to available GPUs to achieve either maximum density or maximum performance. Select an option based on your requirements.

The GPU tab displays Mixed setting only when different settings are used for different GPU groups. That is, when certain GPU groups within a pool are configured to achieve maximum density, and the rest of the GPU groups are configured to achieve maximum performance. Customers should note that it is not possible to set or edit the Mixed setting using XenCenter. You should use the xe Command Line Interface if you wish to use different settings for different GPU groups.

Note: vGPU is available for XenServer Enterprise edition customers, or those who have access to XenServer through their XenApp/XenDesktop entitlement. The GPU tab is displayed when the pool meets the license requirements and also has GPUs that support various vGPU types. For more information, see Licensing Overview (XenServer 6.5).