The Help Window

XenCenter Help is displayed in an HTML Help window:

  • On the left of the window is the navigation pane containing the Contents , Search and Favorites tabs.
  • On the right of the window is the topic pane. It displays the selected Help topic, or the default Help topic.
  • At the top is the toolbar.

Using the Help toolbar

Icon Description
Hide Navigation icon Hides the navigation pane, saving space on your screen by only displaying the topic pane.
Show Navigation icon Displays the navigation pane. This button is available only if you have previously used Hide.
Back icon Displays the last topic you viewed.
Forwards Displays the next topic (if you have used Back ).
Print icon Prints a topic.

Using the Contents tab

Click the Contents tab to list the Help topics:

The folder icon starts a new subject. If the folder is closed, click the plus sign to expand it, listing its individual topics, and click the minus sign to collapse them again.

The topic icon indicates an individual help topic. Click the topic icon or its title to display it in the topic pane.

The topic that you are currently viewing in the topic pane is highlighted in the Contents. When you move to another topic, the Contents expands as necessary to show you where you are in the Help system.

Using the Search tab

You can search the entire text of the Help system for words or phrases. You can limit the search to previous results, match similar words, or search topic titles only. See Searching the Help to find out more.

Using the Favorites tab

  • To create a list of favorite Help topics, locate the Help topic you want to make a favorite topic, click the Favorites tab, and then click Add.
  • To return to a favorite topic, click the Favorites tab, select the topic, and then click Display.
  • To rename a favorite topic, right-click the topic in the list and click Rename on the shortcut menu, then type a new name for the favorite.
  • To remove a favorite topic, select the topic and then click Remove.
The Help Window