Add a New Server

In order to monitor and manage activities on a server from XenCenter, first identify it as a managed resource. When you first connect to a server (via Add New Server on the toolbar or Server menu), it is added to the Resources pane on the left of the XenCenter window. The default storage repository for the server (if configured) and any physical CD or DVD drives on the server may also appear here. A managed server can subsequently be disconnected, reconnected, shut down or put into Maintenance Mode, and it remains accessible from the Resources pane until you remove it from XenCenter.

The first time you connect to a server using XenCenter, the Save and Restore Connection State dialog box appears. This enables you to set your preferences for storing your server connection information and automatically restoring server connections at the start of each XenCenter session; see Store Your Server Connection State.

To Add a Server to XenCenter

  1. Click Add New Server. Alternatively:
    • On the Server menu, click Add.
    • In the Resources pane, select the top-level XenCenter entry, right-click and then click Add on the shortcut menu.
    • On the XenCenter Home page, click the Add New Server button:
  2. Enter the IP address or DNS name of the server you want to add in the Server box. For example: or belt.orion.com .


    You can add multiple servers with the same login credentials by entering the names or IP addresses separated by semicolons in the Server box.

  3. Type the username, for example, “root”, and the password set up during XenServer installation. If Active Directory (AD) authorization has been enabled in your XenServer environment, you can enter your AD credentials here. See RBAC overview for more information.
  4. Click Add. A connection progress monitor is displayed: to cancel the connection, click Cancel.

Security Certificates

XenCenter may be configured to display a warning message whenever a new or modified SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificate is found when connecting to a managed server. Click View Certificate to view the security certificate. To prevent SSL certificate warnings from being generated, use the Security Settings tab in the XenCenter Options dialog box.

Add a New Server