Restart Toolstack

The Restart Toolstack option allows you to restart the XenServer management toolstack (also known as xapi). This toolstack controls VM lifecycle operations, host and VM networking, VM storage, user authentication, and allows the management of XenServer resource pools. xapi provides the publicly documented XenAPI Management Interface which is used by all tools that manage VMs and resource pools.

Note: In some cases, the Restart Toolstack option can be used for troubleshooting XenServer issues. However, customers should be extremely cautious when using this option, as incorrect usage can cause unexpected results.

To restart toolstack:

  1. Select the server in the Resources pane.
  2. On the Server menu, click Restart Toolstack.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.

Note: When you run the Restart Toolstack option on the Pool Master, XenCenter will lose connection to the pool. Wait for 30 seconds after losing connection, and then reconnect manually.

Restart Toolstack