Licensing Overview - XenServer 6.2.0

When you install XenServer, it starts in an unlicensed state. When it is unlicensed, there are no restrictions on its functionality or features, with the exception of the application of hotfixes using XenCenter. In order to receive Citrix Support, XenServer hosts must be licensed.

XenServer hosts are licensed on a per-populated socket basis and all hosts in a pool must be licensed. Mixed pools of licensed and unlicensed hosts will behave as if all hosts were unlicensed. For information on managing licenses in XenServer 6.2.0, see Managing XenServer 6.2.0 Licenses.

Licensing XenServer Editions

XenServer uses the same licensing process as other Citrix products. XenServer requires a License Server. After purchasing support for XenServer you will be provided with .LIC license key. This license key should be installed on either:

  • a Windows server running the Citrix License Server software
  • a Linux-based Citrix License Server Virtual Appliance

Important: XenServer Per-Socket Edition 6.2 requires Citrix License Server 11.6.1 or higher.

License Expiry

On expiry of a XenServer Per-Socket License edition:

  • the edition will revert to a fully functional but unlicensed XenServer
  • XenCenter will display it as Citrix XenServer Per-Socket Edition Expired
  • you will be unable to apply hotfixes or other updates using XenCenter
  • you will no longer be able to receive Citrix Technical Support for this host or pool, unless you purchase another license

License grace period

Citrix V6 licensing has built-in timeout technology. If a XenServer host cannot contact the license server, for example, due to problems with the license server hardware or software or network failures, there is a 30-day grace period that allows XenServer hosts to continue operations as if they were still in communication with the license server. After a startup license is checked out by a XenServer host, the XenServer and the license server exchange “heartbeat” messages every five minutes to indicate to each other that they are still up and running. If XenServer and the license server fail to send or receive heartbeats, XenServer lapses into the licensing grace period and licenses itself through cached information. The grace period is 30 days and when the grace period runs out, XenServer stops accepting connections. After communication is re-established between XenServer and the license server, the grace period is reset. The grace period takes place only if the XenServer has successfully communicated with the license server at least once.

Licensing Overview - XenServer 6.2.0