Create a New Pool

Before attempting to create a new pool, make sure that the requirements identified in Pool requirements are satisfied for all the servers that will be in the new pool.

To create a new pool

  1. Open the New Pool dialog box by clicking New Pool on the Toolbar.
  2. Enter a name for the new pool and an optional description; the name will be displayed in the Resources pane.
  3. Nominate the pool master by selecting a server from the Master list.
  4. Select more servers to place in the new pool from the Additional members list. All available managed servers are listed. If a server not listed, you may be able to add it to the list by clicking Add New Server. If a managed server is not listed, it may be because it does not satisfy one or more of the pool join requirements listed in Pool requirements.
  5. Click Create Pool to create the new pool and close the dialog box.

If the pool master already has a shared storage repository (SR), this repository becomes a shared SR for the pool. If the new pool master does not have any shared storage, you will have to create a new shared SR for the pool: see Creating a New SR.

Additional pool configuration steps

To configure the new pool, use the property tabs:

  1. To add shared storage to the pool, see Creating a New SR.
  2. To add more servers to the pool, see Add a Server to a Pool.
Create a New Pool