About VM Memory Configuration

When a VM is first created, it is allocated a fixed amount of memory. To improve the utilization of physical memory in your XenServer environment, you can use Dynamic Memory Control (DMC) , a memory management feature that enables dynamic reallocation of memory between VMs.

The Memory tab in XenCenter shows memory usage and configuration information for your VMs and servers.

  • For servers, the total available memory and the current memory usage is shown, and you can see how memory is divided between hosted VMs.
  • For VMs, in addition to current memory usage you can also see the VM’s memory configuration information, that is, if DMC is enabled and the current dynamic minimum and maximum values, and you can edit DMC configuration settings.

VMs with the same memory configuration are grouped together on the Memory tab, enabling you to view and configure memory settings easily for individual VMs and for groups of VMs.

About VM Memory Configuration

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