Revert to a Snapshot

Reverting to a snapshot restores the VM to the state it was in at the point in time when the snapshot was created. All changes made to the VM since the snapshot was taken will be discarded and the current state of the VM will be lost.

The Revert to Snapshot dialog box includes an option to take a new snapshot of the current VM state before reverting back the earlier snapshot, allowing you to easily restore the VM to its current state again if you need to.

  1. On the Snapshots tab, select the snapshot and click Revert To.

    If the snapshot you want to revert to is a scheduled snapshot (created automatically using the VM Protection and Recovery feature), you will need to make scheduled snapshots visible on the Snapshots tab before you can select it: click View and then Scheduled Snapshots.

  2. To take a new snapshot of the current state of VM before reverting it back to the earlier snapshot, select the check box.
  3. Click Yes.
Revert to a Snapshot