Add Virtual Disks

To add a new virtual disk, you use the Add Virtual Disk dialog box.


If the VM is running in HVM mode (without XenServer Tools installed), you will need to shut it down before you can add any virtual disks; to avoid this, you should install XenServer Tools on all HVM virtual machines.


  1. Open the Add Virtual Disk dialog box by doing any of the following:
    • Select the VM or an SR in the Resources pane, click on the Storage tab and then click Add.
    • On the Storage menu, click Virtual Disks and then New Virtual Disk.
    • On the Storage page of the New VM wizard, click Add.
  2. Enter the name of the new virtual disk and, optionally, a description.
  3. Enter the size of the new virtual disk. You should make sure that the storage repository (SR) on which the virtual disk will be stored has sufficient space for the new virtual disk.
  4. Select the SR where the new virtual disk will be stored.
  5. Click Create to add the new virtual disk and close the dialog box.
Add Virtual Disks

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