Installing XenCenter

XenCenter must be installed on a Windows machine that can connect to the Citrix Hypervisor server through your network. Ensure that .NET framework version 4.8 or above is installed on this system.

To install XenCenter:

  1. Download the installer for the latest version of XenCenter from the Citrix Hypervisor Download page.

  2. Launch the installer .msi file.

  3. Follow the Setup wizard, which allows you to modify the default destination folder and then to install XenCenter.

Connect XenCenter to the Citrix Hypervisor server

To connect XenCenter to the Citrix Hypervisor server:

  1. Launch XenCenter. The program opens to the Home tab.

  2. Click the Add New Server icon.

  3. Enter the IP address of the Citrix Hypervisor server in the Server field. Type the root user name and password that you set during Citrix Hypervisor installation. Click Add.

  4. The first time you add a host, the Save and Restore Connection State dialog box appears. This dialog enables you to set your preferences for storing your host connection information and automatically restoring host connections.

    If you later want to change your preferences, you can do so using XenCenter or the Windows Registry Editor.

    To do so in XenCenter: from the main menu, select Tools and then Options. The Options dialog box opens. Select the Save and Restore tab and set your preferences. Click OK to save your changes.

    To do so using the Windows Registry Editor, navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\XenCenter and add a key named AllowCredentialSave with the string value true or false.

Installing XenCenter