Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the keyboard in addition to the mouse to navigate and perform tasks in XenCenter. For example, you can use the arrow keys to navigate between the items in the Resources pane and around the menus.

To toggle menu mode on and off, press F10 or Alt. In menu mode, you can use the keyboard to navigate menus.

Key Action
Right Arrow, Left Arrow Navigate across the menu bar, selecting each menu in turn.
Up Arrow, Down Arrow Select each menu command in turn.
Enter Activate the selected command.
Esc Cancel the selected command and closes the menu.
Underlined letters (Access Keys) Use the underlined letters to select specific menus and menu commands. For example, to copy a virtual machine, press Alt or F10, then M, then C to select the VM menu then Copy VM.
Shortcut keys Use shortcut key combinations to activate specific menu commands.

Using shortcut keys

You can use shortcut keys to perform tasks quickly with the keyboard rather than the mouse. For example, pressing Ctrl+N opens the New VM wizard, just like clicking New VM on the VM menu. Some shortcut keys are shown on the menus and in toolbar tooltips. For numeric keypad keys, ensure that Num Lock is off.

Key Action
F1 Display the online Help
Alt+F4 Exit XenCenter and close the XenCenter window
Ctrl+Enter Toggle the console display between full screen mode and window mode
Ctrl+B Start the selected VM
Ctrl+C Copy the selected text to the Windows clipboard
Ctrl+E Shut down the selected VM
Ctrl+N Open the New VM wizard
Ctrl+R Reboot the selected VM
Ctrl+V Paste the selected text from the Windows clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut the selected text to the Windows clipboard
Ctrl+Y Suspend or resume the selected VM
Ctrl+Z Undo the last text edit action

Keyboard shortcuts are also available for working with VM consoles. These shortcuts are configurable. For more information, see Console Settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts