Upgrading Older SRs

LVM Storage

Since XenServer 5.5, LVM storage repositories have used Microsoft’s VHD technology, providing support for fast cloning and snapshots.

LVM storage repositories created with older versions of XenServer can be upgraded quickly and simply to LVHD format in XenCenter and using XenServer xe command line interface (CLI). SRs that can be upgraded will be flagged with the message This SR needs upgrading in the General and Search tabs.

Note that the storage upgrade operation cannot be undone.

To upgrade LVM storage to LVHD format

Select the SR and do one of the following:

  • In the Resources pane, right-click and select Upgrade Storage Repository on the shortcut menu.
  • From the Storage menu, select Upgrade.
  • Click on the message, This SR needs upgrading on the General and Search tabs.

Important: StorageLink technology has been removed from XenServer version 6.5 and higher. Applications, code, or usage that depend on StorageLink technology will not function in XenServer version 6.5 and higher. For information about migrating existing virtual disks (VDIs) from a StorageLink SR to an iSCSI or Fibre Channel SR, see CTX141433.

Upgrading Older SRs