About Scheduled Snapshots

The Scheduled Snapshots feature provides a simple backup and restore utility for your critical service VMs. Regular scheduled snapshots are taken automatically and can be used to restore individual VMs.

Scheduled Snapshots work by having pool-wide snapshot schedules for selected VMs in the pool. When a snapshot schedule is enabled, Snapshots of the specified VM are taken at the scheduled time each hour, day or week.

Several Scheduled Snapshots may be enabled in a pool, covering different VMs and with different schedules. A VM can be assigned to only one snapshot schedule at a time.

XenCenter provides a range of tools to help you use this feature:

  • To define a Scheduled Snapshot, use the New snapshot schedule wizard.
  • To enable, disable, edit and delete Scheduled Snapshots for a pool, use the VM Snapshot Schedules dialog box.
  • To edit a snapshot schedule, open its Properties dialog box from the VM Snapshot Schedules dialog box.
  • To revert a VM to a scheduled snapshot, select the snapshot on the Snapshots tab and revert the VM to it.

About Scheduled Snapshots