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XenMobile Apps

Nov 02, 2017

Citrix-developed XenMobile Apps provide a suite of productivity and communication tools within the XenMobile environment that are secured by your company's policies.

For an overview of XenMobile Apps, including new features in the more recent versions, see What's new in XenMobile Apps.


Citrix supports both enterprise distribution and public app store distribution for XenMobile productivity apps until December 31, 2017. For details, see the Citrix product matrix. You must move to the public app store apps before this date. After that, only public app store distribution is supported. For more information about the in-app guide for moving from the enterprise versions of XenMobile Apps to the public store versions, see In-app guide for migrating to public store apps. The MDX Toolkit continues to support enterprise wrapping for app developers.

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Prior to version 10.4, some XenMobile Apps had different names. For details, see About XenMobile Apps.

For details about apps delivery, see XenMobile Apps delivery and administration.

XenMobile components are available on the XenMobile downloads page.

Planning a XenMobile deployment involves many considerations. For recommendations, common questions, and use cases for your end-to-end XenMobile environment, see the XenMobile Deployment Handbook.