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XenMobile Apps features by platform

The following tables summarize features for each XenMobile app. X indicates the feature is available for that platform. For features in QuickEdit, see the Citrix QuickEdit for XenMobile article. For features in the most recent releases, see What’s New in XenMobile Apps.

Citrix Secure Hub

Feature iOS Android
Sign on to authenticate X X
Monitor policy adherence X X
Access apps and desktops X X
HDX apps and desktops X X
Create and send issue logs X X
Attach screenshots to logs X X
Contact help desk within app X X
Contact Citrix support within app X X
Crash collection and analysis X X
Offline authentication X X
Send logs with Citrix Secure Mail X X
Google Analytics X X
Portrait and landscape mode X X
In-app guide for trusting apps X X
When enrolled with email, automatic enrollment in Secure Mail (MAM only) X X
Touch ID offline authentication X X
Enroll with derived credentials X  
BioMetric Authentication   X

Citrix Secure Mail

Feature iOS Android
Email Productivity    
Send, receive, reply, reply all, forward mail X X
Create, edit, delete drafts X X
Flag mail X X
Mark as unread X X
View all folders and subfolders X X
Auto-save drafts when app put in background X X
Email-to-note with Citrix Secure Notes X X
Search mail (local and server) X X
Select mail sync period (up to 1 month or All mails) X X
View unread mail X X
Secure attachment viewing/playing of images, video, and audio X X
Multiple attachments X X
Reply and forward attachments X X
Attach files from ShareFile X X
Attach files from ShareFile Restricted Zones and connectors X X
Attachment repository X X
Rich text editing X X
Mail notification with subject, preview on lock screen X X
Reply to and delete mail and invitations from notification screen X  
Attach or take photo X X
Select multiple messages X X
Download attachments X X
Load images inline X X
Fast sort X X
Send, receive, open, and save .zip file attachments X X
Portrait and landscape modes X; Across mail list, mail read, compose, calendar, and contacts views X: For mail read and compose views only
Pasted text maintains formatting X X
SMS from contacts X X
FaceTime from contacts X  
Messages unsent due to connectivity issues or full mailbox stored in Outbox X X
Recent folders bubble up   X
Pull-down mail refresh X X
Last-refresh time stamp X X
Left-swipe for message actions X X
Microsfot Exchange and IBM Notes Traveler support X X
Tap to refresh mail, calendar, and contacts X X
Honor device accessibility/font-size settings in mail views X X
S/MIME signing and encryption X X
S/MIME cert import by email X X
S/MIME, Intercede integration X  
S/MIME, Entrust integration X  
Microsoft IRM protection for message body X X
Push notifications X X
Push notifications to Inbox automatically update all folders, including calendar X  
Open Office 365 documents X X
3D Touch actions X  
Contextual icons on lock screen X X
Search folders X X
VIP mail folder X X
Dynamic Type support X X
Maintain expanded folders X X
Message classification markers X X
Spell check X  
Attach last photo taken X X
URL preview X X
Open ShareFile links in ShareFile X X
Support for .pass files X  
Select multiple emails in search mode X X
Insert images inline X X
Upgrade to Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) version 16 X X
Restrict users from using unknown or personal domains X  
Support super-wide device screens   X
Configure multiple Exchange accounts X X
Swipe left or right for more actions X X
Encrypt replies to or forwards of encrypted mails X  
Print emails and inline images X  
Use Preview Lines in Settings to configure how many lines of an email body appear as preview in the mailbox view X  
Support for responsive emails X X
In-app preview of attachments (MS Office or images.) X X
Personal contact groups X X
Migrate user names to email addresses (UPN) X X
Report phishing emails X X
Modern authentication (OAuth) X X
Print attachments X  
Android Enterprise (Android for Work) X  
Rich text signatures X X
Rich push notifications X  
Day, week, month, and agenda views X X
Detailed reminders on lock screen X X
Sync for six months X X
Set events as private X X
Scroll to hour before first event X  
Manual refresh options X X
Set reminders X X
Tap to map address X X
Week numbers X X
Dynamic Type support X X
Security classification markers X X
Long taps on addresses X  
Set workweek start day X X
Focus view on week of selected date X  
Current date always highlighted X X
Calendar attachments from attachment repository X X
Personal calendar support X X
Display conflicts with personal calendar events   X
Print calendar events X  
Tap phone numbers and web addresses in a calendar subject line X  
Search calendar X  
Reply, reply all, forward meetings X X
Organizer view of invite responses X X
Organizer view of invitees’ availability with suggested availability X X
Tap to join online meetings. Note: For WebEx and Lync, App Controller must be configured to allow these apps. X X
Tap to join audio conferences X X
Schedule online meeting, audio, conference in new invite X X
Add ShareFile links to new invites X X
Forward invites with attachments X X
Tap to send “running late” email X X
Tap to reply to meeting organizer X X
Tap to reply to all meeting invites X X
Tap to reply to all meeting invitees X X
Tap to reply to all meeting invitees with attachments X X
Dial in to GoToMeeting X X
Respond to invite from lock screen or notification screen X X
Dial in to WebEx or Lync meetings X X
Hide declined events X X
Display more than 3 simultaneous events X X
Quick view of invitee status X X
Delete, reply, reply all, add comments on canceled events X X
Show organizer name on forwarded invites X X
Shared devices X X
Join Skype for Business meetings X X
Respond to meeting notifications, such as Accept, Decline, and Tentative. X X
Respond to message notifications with Reply and Delete X  
Detailed contact information GAL search X X
Export and sync Secure Mail contacts to local contacts X X
Contacts: Favorite and Category   X
Control which contact fields get exported X X
Non-Secure Mail contact details X X
Dynamic Type support X X
Mark contacts as VIPs X X
Share contacts with .vcards X X
View contacts with long press   X
Export contacts even if native mail account exists X X
View folders and subfolders X  
Settings configured on the device    
iMessage support X  
Advanced opions to control notifications X X
Lock-screen notification control X X
Mail and calendar notifications sounds X X
Auto refresh folders X X
Set internal and external out-of-office notifications X X
Ask before deleting X X
Threaded conversation or chronological views X X
Load attachments on WiFi X X
Make load attachments on WiFi default X X
Set sync mail period X X
Unlimited sync/sync all mail   X
Set email signature X X
List contacts by first name or last name X X
Auto advance   X
Use home time zone   X
Quick-response templates   X
Push mail configuration frequency   X
Export/import settings X X
Tap the back button on the device to dismiss the floating action button options   X

Citrix Secure Web

Feature iOS Android
Download files X X
Add favorites X X
Clear saved user names and passwords X X
Delete cache/history/cookies X X
Block pop-ups X X
Save offline pages X X
Search in address bar X X
Open downloaded items from notifications X X
Passwords auto-saved X X
Proxy support    
Enterprise proxies X X
URL black and white lists X X
History X X
Default homepage X X
Tabs X X
Push bookmarks X X
Screen capture block   X
Search in current page X X
3D Touch actions X  
Shared devices X X
File tampering protection with shared devices X  
Export/import settings X X
Portrait and landscape mode X X
Android Enterprise (Android for Work)   X
Pull to refresh to refresh content on the screen   X

Citrix Secure Notes

Feature iOS Android
Create notes with text, image, or audio X X
Link to Microsoft Exchange X X
Link to ShareFile X X
Web-based access X X
ShareFile StorageZones support X  
Tag, sort and search notes X X
Organize notes into notebooks X X
Send notes to Secure Mail contacts X X
Upload notes to ShareFile X X
Format and spellcheck text X X
Map location when creating note X X
Set reminders X X
Move notes between notebooks X X
Mark notes as favorites X X
Auto-save notes X X
Portrait and landscape mode X X

Citrix Secure Tasks

Feature iOS Android
Create tasks X X
Sync flagged mail from Outlook X X; Requires valid Secure Mail account
Sync tasks from Outlook X X; Requires valid Secure Mail account
Sync categories from Outlook X X; Requires valid Secure Mail account
Categorize tasks X X
Prioritize tasks X X
Sort by due date X X
Filter by category X X
Search tasks X X
Set due dates X X
Set repeating tasks X X
Reply to/forward flagged mail X X
Set reminders X X
View tasks offline X X
Portrait and landscape mode X: Portrait only (phone); Not supported (tablet) X: Portrait only (phone); Not supported (tablet)

Citrix ShareConnect for XenMobile

Feature iOS Android
Restricted ports X  
Require passwords each time (optional) X X
Cache previewed files X X
Add host computers X X
Access and edit files X X
Access and run applications X X
Access networked drives X X
Compatible with Citrix XI Mouse X X
Apps displayed in dock X X
View files on phone   X
Non-SSO support X X
Switch between apps   X
Access app menus   X
Portrait and landscape mode X X

XenMobile Apps features by platform