Product Documentation

Configuring Device Manager

Mar 31, 2015

XenMobile Device Manager system adminstration includes such tasks as importing users into Device Manager, creating users and groups, applying Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) to groups, creating and configuring device policies, deploying policy packages, reporting, viewing the dashboard, and more.

Logging on to the Device Manager web console

  1. Start a Device Manager administrative session by entering one of the following Web addresses in a Web browser:
    • http://<device_manager_server_name_or_IP_address>/zdm
    • https://<device_manager_server_name_or_IP_address>:<port>/zdm
  2. Enter the logon credentials of the administrative user account created during Device Manager installation.
    Note: If you configured LDAP authentication for Device Manager, be sure to use the account credentials of a user who is a member of the administrative group.
    After Device Manager validates the account, the main Device Manager window appears.