Product Documentation

Adding Files

Apr 09, 2015

You can add script files Device Manager that perform certain functions for your users, or you can add document files that you want your Android device users to be able to access on their devices. You can also specify when you add the file the directory you want the file to be stored at on the device; for example if you want your Android users to receive a company document or .pdf file, you can deploy the file to the device and let your users know where the file is located.

You can add the following file types on the Files tab in Device Manager:

  • Text-based files (.xml, .html, .py, and so on)
  • Any other file such as documents, pictures, spreadsheets, or presentations
  • Mortscript files (files with .mscr extension) on Windows Mobile devices

To add a file to Device Manager

To deploy a file to a device, you first need to upload the file into the Device Manager repository database. When you add the files to deployment packages, you can deploy the files to users' devices. You can add file types, such as as documents, images, videos, presentations, and .pdfs.
Note: You cannot add files to iOS devices.
  1. In the Device Manager web console, click the Files tab and then click New file.
  2. In the Import a file to the XenMobile MDM database dialog box, browse to the file on your computer, click Open and then click Import

You can now deploy the file to a device in a deployment package.

Uploading Other Files

If you select a file type that has no ".cab" or ".mscr" extension, you will be presented with several options.

  • Macro must be replaced. Select this option if you want to search and replace the macros inside the scripts.
  • Destination folder. Write down the folder where the file should be uploaded.
  • Specify what to do if the file already exists. Copy it if the files are different or do not overwrite the existing one.
  • Specify if you want to set the Read-Only option.
  • You can also decide to register a comment if needed.