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Jul 01, 2015

Citrix XenMobile is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage mobile devices, apps, and data. Users can access all of their mobile, SaaS, web, and Windows-based apps from a unified app store, including seamlessly integrated email, browser, data sharing, and support apps. XenMobile allows you to control mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities. In addition, XenMobile securely delivers Worx mobile apps that are built for businesses by using the Worx App SDK and found through the Worx App Gallery. With XenMobile, you can meet your compliance and control needs while giving users the freedom to experience work and life their way.

The XenMobile solution consists of the following components:

  • NetScaler Gateway. NetScaler Gateway allows remote users to securely access internal network resources. Users can connect with any device to access their applications, email, and file shares in the internal network.
  • XenMobile MDM Edition. XenMobile MDM includes Device Manager that allows you to manage mobile devices, set mobile policies and compliance rules, gain visibility to the mobile network, provide control over mobile apps and data, and shield your network from mobile threats. Device Manager simplifies the management of mobile devices.
  • XenMobile App Edition. XenMobile App Edition includes App Controller 2.9, the industry's first unified service broker that aggregates, controls, and securely delivers Windows, web, and SaaS applications, iOS and Android apps, integrated ShareFile-based data, and virtual desktops to any device, anywhere. XenMobile App Edition gives users an intuitive single point of access and self-service for all of their business applications on any device anywhere.
  • MDX Toolkit. The MDX Toolkit is a software application that you can install on Mac OS X computers and use to convert unsigned iOS or Android mobile apps (.ipa or .apk) into signed MDX files. In the process of this conversion, Citrix embeds a policy framework and default set of policies that enable you to configure, securely distribute, and manage each prepared application by using App Controller.
  • Worx apps. Mobile users can connect with Worx Home to enroll their devices and access their mobile apps from App Controller. Users can connect to the Worx Store and download Worx Home, WorxMail, and WorxWeb.
  • ShareFile. ShareFile is a cloud-based file sharing service that enables users to easily and securely exchange documents. ShareFile enables users to send large documents by email, securely handle document transfers to third parties, and access a collaboration space from desktops or mobile devices. ShareFile provides users with a variety of ways to work, including a web-based interface, desktop tools, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

What's New in XenMobile 8.6.1

The 8.6.1 release includes updates and enhancements to the following components: Worx Home, WorxMail, WorxWeb, and the MDX Toolkit. You can also install and update for Device Manager to enable SSL offloading on NetScaler.

To download the XenMobile 8.6.1 release, as well an update for Device Manager, see the Citrix web site. To download the latest MDX Toolkit and Worx apps, see the Citrix XenMobile website.

Worx Apps

  • Improvements and stability enhancements. This release fixes issues that users occasionally experienced on Android 4.3 devices with WiFI configurations and WorxWeb, and with WorxMail synchronization, airplane mode, and logon behavior on all device types. The release also includes new methods of detection to determine if a device is jailbroken or rooted. The new methods decrease the number of false positive reports.
  • Battery life improvements. Battery retention has improved by approximately 15% in tests that simulate active WorxMail use for 24 hours on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.04. In the test, the connection occurred for 9 hours over 4G and 15 hours over WiFi. For more information about battery life in XenMobile, see Evaluating XenMobile Effects on Battery Life.
  • ShareFile single sign-on (SSO) support. Users can now use SSO from Worx apps to access ShareFile.
  • Support for Android 4.4. XenMobile allows you to manage Android 4.4 devices.
  • Support for Samsung SAFE devices. You can now install Worx Home on Samsung SAFE devices running Android 4.3 and later from Google Play.
    • It is a known issue that users cannot run CXM Web on a Samsung SAFE device that you manage through Device Manager.
    • You need to deploy the built-in Samsung MDM license key (Samsung ELM key) policy to a device to enable the Samsung SAFE APIs before deploying Samsung SAFE policies and restrictions.
  • Support for .wav and .mp3 attachments. Users can now open .wav and .mp3 audio attachments in WorxMail on iOS devices. For details, see WorxMail Audio Formats.
  • Support for map images. Users can include map images in WorxMail, in email message body and contacts on iOS devices.

Device Manager

SSL offloading. The update for XenMobile Device Manager addresses an SSL connection to be offloaded from NetScaler to Device Manager. SSL connections bound to Device Manager terminate on NetScaler. NetScaler initiates a new HTTP connection to the Device Manager server. The new connection between NetScaler and Device Manager can either be clear text on port 80, or can be reencrypted over SSL. Citrix recommends the latter encryption method.
Note: To enable this capability, you need to install the update for Device Manager from the Citrix website.

MDX Toolkit

Users can now wrap apps for Android 4.4 and can wrap the following files:

  • iAnnotate .ipa for iOS 7
  • MicroStrategy.ipa file for iOS 7.0.3

Installation Post-Requisites

After you install the XenMobile 8.6.1 release, Citrix recommends the following post-requisite steps:

You should use the latest version of the MDX Toolkit (Version 2.3.371) to wrap the latest versions of WorxMail, WorxWeb, and other third-party apps that you plan to provision to users. If users continue to run an older version of Worx Home, they will see the following message prompting them to upgrade the app: Incompatible App, please check for an update to Worx Home and apply it. If the problem persists, you will need to remove this app and reinstall it.

Citrix also recommends that users update Worx Home to Version 8.6.1 .

For technical support from Citrix, you can create a support case with the Customer Center or call (888) 936-7747 and reference XenMobile 8.6, MR1.