Product Documentation

Enrolling Client Devices for Windows and Symbian

Apr 28, 2015

For non-iOS and Android users, XenMobile also supports enrollment for the following device platforms: Windows Phone 8 and Windows Tablet, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

To enroll a Windows Phone 8 device

In order to enroll a Windows Phone 8 device in Device Manager, users need their Active Directory or internal network email address, password, and the server web address for the Device Manager server. Then, they follow this procedure on their devices to enroll.
Note: If you plan to deploy apps through the Windows Phone company store, before your users enroll, make sure that you have configured an Enterprise Hub policy (with a signed Citrix Worx Home Windows Phone 8 App 'CitrixWorxHome').
  1. On the main screen of the Window 8 phone, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap company apps.
  3. On the company apps screen, tap add account.
  4. On the next screen, enter an email address and password and then tap sign in. If autodiscovery is configured for your domain, the information requested in the next several steps is automatically populated. Proceed to Step 9. If autodiscovery is not configured for your domain, continue with the next step.
  5. On the next screen, enter the web address of the Device Manager server, such as: https://<xenmobile_devicemanager_server>:<portnumber>/<instancename>/wpe. For example:
    Note: The port number has to be adapted to your implementation, but should be the same port that you used for an iOS enrollment.
  6. Enter the user name and domain if authentication is validated through a user name and domain.
  7. Tap sign in.
  8. If a screen appears noting a problem with the certificate, the error is due to the use of a self-signed certificate. If the server is trusted, tap continue. Otherwise, tap Cancel.
  9. When the account is added, you have the option of selecting 'Install company app or Hub. If your administrator has configured a Company App store, select this option and then click done. If you deselect this option, in order to receive the Company app store, you will need to re-enroll.
  10. On the Account Added screen, tap done.
  11. To force a connection to the server, tap the refresh icon. If the device does not manually connect to the server, Device Manager connects to the device every fifteen minutes.
  12. To unenroll, tap the trash can icon.

To enroll Windows 8 devices in Device Manager

To enroll a Windows 8 device, you need to be running Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise, and you need to enable sideloading for the device. Sideloading enables you to install the Worx Home app, and is a process that allows the Device Manager server to install the Worx Home app on the device.

  1. On the Windows 8 Tablet, open Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter the web address of the Device Manager Citrix Mobile Connect app download: https://<devicemanager_servername>/zdm/CitrixMobileConnectAgent.exe
  3. Click Save.
  4. Browse to the Downloads folder in Windows Explorer and then tap Run as administrator.
  5. In the Run the Install Shield dialog box, tap Yes.
  6. After the app (and service) installs, on Start, tap the Citrix Mobile Connect app to open it.
  7. You will be asked to re-renter your Windows credentials. Enter the Windows domain or User Principal Name (UPN) and then tap Lookup. XenMobile searches for the server address name.
  8. Next, on the logon page, enter the Device Manager server name and then tap login. The console status page appears.
  9. Tap Save. You will see a status page showing that you have been enrolled.

To enroll a Windows Mobile device in Device Manager

  1. Browse to the Device Manager web address for your organization. The web address is in the following format: https://<zdmServerName><zdmInstanceName>/setup
    Note: You can use the HTTPS prefix only if you have a certificate issued by a trusted authority, such as Thawte or VeriSign.
  2. Tap Open.
  3. After the Device Manager client installs, when prompted to restart the device, tap ok.
  4. Open the XenMobile app and then enter the user credentials.
  5. Verify the connection. In the heading area, a solid green ball indicates a good connection.

To enroll a Symbian device in Device Manager

  1. Browse to the Device Manager enrollment web address. The format is: https://<DmServerName><DmInstanceName>/setup. The setup file downloads on the Symbian device and the installation starts.
  2. On the Install screen, tap OK.
  3. Tap Phone Memory as the location where XenMobile agent installs.
  4. When the installation is complete, tap Yes to open XenMobile.
  5. On the Security Details screen, tap OK to allow XenMobile to access the phone.
  6. Enter the first four numbers of the server code as 2831 and then tap OK.
  7. On the Control Request Accepted screen, tap OK.
  8. Enter the user name and password, server name, port, and instance name for the XenMobile server and then tap OK. The connection information appears.
  9. Tap Options to review server connection details and then tap Close to finish the setup.