Product Documentation

XenMobile Mail Manager Components

May 22, 2013
The XenMobile Mail Manager consists of three main components:
  • Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Access Control Management. This component communicates with Device Manager to retrieve EAS policies from Device Manager, and then merges this policy with any locally defined policy to determine which EAS devices that should be allowed or denied access to Exchange. Local policies allows extending the policy rules to allow access control by AD Group, User, Device Type, or Device User Agent (generally the mobile platform version).
  • Remote Powershell Management. This component is responsible for scheduling and invoking remote PowerShell commands to enact the policy compiled by EAS Access Control Management. It periodically snapshots the EAS database to detect new or changed EAS devices.
  • Mobile Service Provider. This component provides a web service interface so that Device Manager can query EAS and/or Blackberry devices, and issue control operations such as Wipe against them. This capability was previously provided by the ZsmLite\ZMSP products.
Figure 1. XenMobile Mail Manager Components