Product Documentation

Gathering Network Information

Mar 27, 2015

You need to identify the following network settings and configure appropriate server settings before you install the XenMobile components in your network:

  • IP addresses for each XenMobile component. For example, for NetScaler Gateway, you need the system IP (NSIP) and the subnet IP (SNIP) addresses.
  • Opening the appropriate ports in your firewall to allow network traffic to communicate with each component.
  • Domain Name Servers (DNS) for name resolution with users inside your network and users who connect from remote locations. You might need different IP addresses for each DNS server.
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. The NTP server synchronizes the time between all of your network components. Citrix recommends that you use an NTP server for your XenMobile deployment.
  • SMTP server for email. When you configure an SMTP server, you need the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the email server, such as You also need to identify the port, the email addresses used for the send function, and user email addresses and passwords.

The XenMobile Pre-Installation checklist includes a section where you can write down all of your network settings. You might need to coordinate with other team members to configure the ports and servers you need for the XenMobile deployment. For more information about ports and to print the checklist, see:

Obtaining and Installing Licenses

XenMobile MDM Edition and NetScaler Gateway require licenses. When you purchase a Citrix product, you receive an email that contains a link for your licenses. You obtain your licenses by logging on to the Citrix web site and then downloading your licenses.

Important: Citrix recommends that you retain a local copy of all license files you receive. When you save a backup copy of the configuration file, all uploaded licenses files are included in the backup. If you need to reinstall XenMobile MDM Edition or NetScaler Gateway appliance software and do not have a backup of the configuration, you will need the original license files.

For more information about NetScaler Gateway and Device Manager licenses, see XenMobile Licensing on the Citrix web site.