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WorxMail and WorxWeb

Apr 28, 2015

The Worx mobile apps include WorxMail and WorxWeb. These two mobile apps let users easily access their email, calendar, and contacts, as well as intranet web sites. Citrix provides these apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Users can start WorxWeb on their mobile device to access intranet web sites. You can limit access to certain web sites to comply with your organization's compliance rules. When users click an intranet link in an email message, WorxWeb starts and goes to the intranet site without any further authentication check. If users connect to your intranet from a remote location, the connection goes through NetScaler Gateway automatically. MDX Interapp technology ensures that SSO and app communications happen in a transparent manner to the user. If users click a mailto link on the page they are browsing in WorxWeb, an email compose form from WorxMail opens. Users can upload data to ShareFile that users download from the web by using WorxWeb.

WorxMail gives users access to their email, calendar, and contacts. It works with Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync messaging protocol. Users can also access documents in ShareFile from their email account. When users open a document in WorxMail, they can only download documents to their ShareFile space on the device. When you manage the ShareFile space on the user device, documents are secure and you can enforce compliance rules.

Citrix provides WorxWeb and WorxMail as wrapped mobile apps for iOS and Android. You upload the apps to App Controller in the same way you upload other wrapped iOS and Android mobile apps. Users subscribe to WorxWeb and WorxMail in Citrix Receiver.

Using WorxMail

WorxMail is the XenMobile enterprise email, calendar, and contacts application that provides secure access to corporate email and attachments.

Note: WorxMail is compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 and 2010 SP2.
With WorxMail, you can:
  • Send, receive, and delete emails, as well as search your Inbox.
  • Create and view calendar invites.
  • Fast join GoToMeetings directly from calendar invites.
  • Export WorxMail contacts to your phone.
  • Send attachments from your device's image gallery or ShareFile.
  • Create a custom out of office reply or email signature.
  • View your Inbox in conversation view.
  • Set an email Sync Mail Period.
  • Send text messages.

Using WorxWeb

WorxWeb is a consumer-like, locally installed, mobile browser for iOS and Android devices that enables secure access to internal web, external SaaS, and HTML5 web applications. WorxWeb leverages MDX technologies to create a dedicated VPN tunnel for accessing your organization’s internal network and the other MDX security features to ensure that your users can access all of their websites, including those with sensitive information. WorxWeb offers a seamless user experience in its integration with WorxMail to allow your users to click links, such as "mailto," and have the native apps open inside the secure container on the mobile device.