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WorxMail Audio Formats

Jan 14, 2014

With the release of XenMobile 8.6.1, users can now open .wav and .mp3 audio attachments in WorxMail on iOS devices. The .wav format is the most common format used by service providers to convert voicemail messages to email attachments.

The Microsoft-defined interface standard for .wav is followed widely. Other details to note about the .wav format are as follows:

  • The extensions for the wave format are: .wav or .wave.
  • Wave is basically a container for various forms of codecs. The most common codec is PCM, which can be used for encoding at different quality levels. The sampling rates start from 6000 hertz (Hz) at 8-bit to 11,025 Hz at 16-bit.
  • Codecs available for .wav files include ADPCM, PCM, GSM, CELP, SBC, TrueSpeech, and MPEG-4.

The following table shows the complete list of file formats and indicates which formats are supported in WorxMail 8.6.1.

File format Supported in WorxMail 8.6.1
.aac X
.aif X
.au X
.mp3 X
.wav (PCM) X
.wav (GSM)