Delete registry keys and values device policy

You can create a policy in XenMobile to delete specific registry keys and values from Windows Mobile/CE devices.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

Windows Mobile/CE settings

  • Registry keys and values to delete: for each registry key and value you want to delete, click Add and then do the following:
    • Key: Type the registry key path. This is a required field.The registry key path should either start with HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ or HKEY_USERS\.
    • Value: Type the value name to be deleted or leave this field blank to delete the entire registry key.
    • Click Save to save the key and value, or click Cancel to not save the key and value.
Delete registry keys and values device policy