Device enrollment limit

XenMobile includes a default enrollment profile that allows users to enroll an unlimited number of devices. The default profile is named Global. Create enrollment profiles only if you want to limit the number of devices that users can enroll. You associate enrollment profiles with delivery groups.

The device enrollment limit applies to the ENT, MDM, and MAM server modes. This feature is available for iOS and Android devices only.

  1. Go to Configure > Enrollment Profiles. The default Global profile appears.

    Image of the default Global profile

  2. To add an enrollment profile, click Add. In the Enrollment Info page, type a name for the enrollment profile and then select the number of devices that members with this profile can enroll.

    Image of the Enrollment Info

  3. Click Next. The Delivery Group Assignment screen appears.

    Image of the Delivery Group Assignment screen

  4. Select the delivery groups for this enrollment profile and then click Save.

    The Delivery Groups page appears.

    Image of the Delivery Groups page

    To change the enrollment profiles associated with a delivery group, go to Configure > Delivery Groups and then click Enrollment Profiles.

    Image of the Enrollment Profiles page

User experience with a device enrollment limit

When you set the device enrollment limit and users try to enroll a new device, they follow these steps:

  1. Sign on to Secure Hub.

  2. Enter a server address to enroll.

  3. Enter the credentials.

  4. If the device limit is reached, an error message informs the user that they have exceeded the device registration limit.

    Image of the Secure Hub enrollment screen

    The Secure Hub enrollment screen appears again.