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XenMobile options device policy

You add a XenMobile options policy to configure Secure Hub behavior when connecting to XenMobile from Android devices.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

Android settings

Image of Device Policies configuration screen

  • Traybar notification - hide traybar icon: Select whether the traybar icon is hidden or visible. The default is Off.
  • Connection: time-out(s): Type the length of time in seconds that a connection can be idle before the connection times out. The default is 20 seconds.
  • Keep-alive interval(s): Type the length of time in seconds to keep a connection open. The default is 120 seconds.
  • Prompt the user before allowing remote control: Select whether to prompt the user before allowing remote support control. The default is Off.
  • Before a file transfer: In the list, click whether to warn the user about a file transfer or whether to ask the user for permission. Available values: Do not warn the user, Warn the user, and Ask for user permission. The default is Do not warn the user.

XenMobile options device policy

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