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Bulk enrollment of Windows devices

Important: Support for bulk enrollment of Windows 10 devices is currently available only for our US-based customers. All other customers will have full support in an upcoming release.

XenMobile supports bulk enrollment of Windows 10 devices. With bulk enrollment, you can set up many devices for an MDM server to manage without the need to reimage devices. You can use the provisioning package for bulk enrollment for Windows 10 desktop devices. Follow steps in this article to set up and perform bulk enrollment.

Before running bulk enrollment, ensure that all devices are assigned to the correct end-user. Perform this assignment by registering the devices per user or by performing a bulk import of devices.

To assign devices

  1. In your XenMobile Server console, navigate to Manage > Device Whitelist.

    Image of Device Whitelist configuration screen

  2. To add each device manually, click Add.

    Image of Device Whitelist configuration screen

  3. Type the following information:

    • Device platform: Select Windows.
    • Hardware ID Type: Select an ID to use to identify the device. XenMobile supports only Hardware ID for Windows devices.
    • Hardware ID: Type the identification selected previously for the device.
    • Associated User: Type the associated user for this device.
  4. Click Save.

  5. To add devices in bulk, click Import.

    Image of Import Whitelist Devices screen

  6. Click Download to download a template for the device whitelist. Fill out that template using the previous descriptions, and then upload the file using Choose File and Import.

To bulk enroll devices

  1. In your XenMobile Server console, navigate to Settings > Windows Bulk Enrollment.

  2. In the UPN box, type a valid user name to deploy all devices.

    Image of Windows Bulk Enrollment configuration screen

  3. Click Save.

  4. To bulk provision devices, download the Windows Configuration Designer from the Microsoft Store. The Windows Configuration Designer creates provisioning packages used to image devices. As part of these packages, you can include XenMobile bulk enrollment configuration settings so that devices automatically enroll into XenMobile.

    For information on configuring the tool, building a provisioning package, and installing a provisioning package, see For information on including XenMobile bulk enrollment configuration settings, see the section Create and apply a provisioning package for on-premises authentication in that document.

Bulk enrollment of Windows devices