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Workspace hub device management

Citrix Ready workspace hub devices let users move virtual app and desktop sessions from a mobile device running Citrix Receiver to a Citrix Ready workspace hub. The Citrix Ready workspace hub is a Raspberry Pi device that has a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and any other accessory attached to it. You can manage Citrix Ready workspace hub devices from your XenMobile Service console. For more information about Citrix Ready workspace hub, see Citrix Ready workspace hub and this Citrix blog post.

By using XenMobile Service to manage Citrix Ready workspace hub, you can keep your devices updated with the latest features and security patches. If necessary, you can also perform security actions, such as full wipes or restarts. For more details about the unified endpoint management (UEM) and data protection benefits of XenMobile Service, see this use case on the Citrix website.

To use a Citrix Ready workspace hub, add the device to the Device Whitelist table in the XenMobile Console. There are two methods for adding devices to the table. The following two procedures describe each method. This article also discusses how to configure and manage the Citrix Ready workspace hub device and how to deploy custom configurations to the devices.

To add Citrix Ready workspace hubs to XenMobile Server manually

To enroll a Citrix Ready workspace hub in XenMobile, you can manually add the device to the Device Whitelist table in the XenMobile Console.

  1. In the XenMobile console, navigate to Manage > Devices.

    Image of Devices configuration screen

  2. Click Device Whitelist at the top.

    Image of Devices configuration screen

  3. Click Add. On the page that opens, type the following information.

    • Device platform: Select Workspace Hub.
    • Device ID Type: Select the method to identify devices. Citrix Ready workspace hub only supports MAC address.
    • Device ID: Type the appropriate identifier you selected previously.
    • Associated User: User to associate with the Citrix Ready workspace hub. The user associated with the device can be a pseudo user, such as a service account. The selected user is used for enrollment, policy pushing, and applying security actions. A single user can associate with multiple devices. This user can be a Local user or LDAP user already configured in your XenMobile Service console. If you want to associate the Citrix Ready workspace hub with a local user, choose Local from Select domain. Enter the user name in Search for user and select the user. If you want to associate the Citrix Ready workspace hub with an LDAP user, choose the appropriate domain from Select domain. Search for a user in Search for user and select the user.
    • Select domain: Select the domain to use when searching for users.
    • Search for user: Type the user name you want to associate with this device and click Search. Select the user from the result box below and it displays in the Associated User box.

    Image of Devices configuration screen

  4. Click Save. The device is added to the table.

To import or export Citrix Ready workspace hub devices in bulk

To enroll a Citrix Ready workspace hub in XenMobile, you can import or export the devices in bulk to the Device Whitelist table.

  1. In the XenMobile console, navigate to Manage > Devices. Click Device Whitelist and then click Import.

    Image of Import Whitelist Devices screen

  2. Click Download to download a .csv template for importing devices. The columns in the file are the same as the fields in the previous workflow.

  3. Fill out the form and save it. When finished, click Choose File and select the template.

  4. Click Import. All of the Citrix Ready workspace hubs in the template file are added to the table.

  5. To export the list of Citrix Ready workspace hubs for editing, click Export.

Configure a Citrix Ready workspace hub

After configuring your XenMobile Service to enroll your Citrix Ready workspace hub devices, configure the Citrix Ready workspace hub device itself. For more information on configuring the device, see the Stratodesk Knowledge Base.

For first-time device use, configure Central Management during the first time wizard. Enter as the Management URL and then click Finish. The device performs an Announce and enrolls in XenMobile Service.

Image of the No Touch wizard

Image of No Touch Central Management

If the device was configured, or if you don’t want to use the wizard, navigate to Services > No Touch Center. Configure the Management URL as you did previously and Save. Do a manual Announce by navigating to Information on the left pane and clicking Announce.

Image of No Touch Center

Image of the No Touch Information pane

Deploy custom configurations to Citrix workspace hub devices

You can deploy custom configurations to Citrix workspace hub devices. After manually configuring your first Citrix workspace hub device, you then download the configuration from the device and deploy the configuration to all other devices.


  • Workspace Hub device running Stratodesk NoTouch OS v2.40.3512 (minimum version)

To set up and deploy custom configurations:

  1. Configure your Citrix Workspace Hub device and download the configuration file.

    1. Log in to the Workspace Hub console from a remote machine.

    2. Set up network shares, printer configuration, and any other settings you want shared across devices on your Citrix workspace hub device.

    3. In the left pane of your workspace hub console, click Download config.

    4. The .config file downloads to the remote machine where you’re logged in.

  2. Host the configuration file on a file sharing web server. Ensure that the file share isn’t protected with any authentication.

  3. On your XenMobile console, navigate to Configure > Device Policies and select Import Device Configuration.

    Image of Device Policies screen with Import Device Configuration highlighted

  4. Type a Policy Name and, optionally, a Description. Click Next.

  5. Paste the URL for the configuration file and click Next.

  6. Configure your deployment rules. For information on configuring those rules, see Device policies. Click Save.

  7. Within a few minutes after the policy pushes to devices, enrolled devices show the configured settings, such as network shares, desktop wallpapers, and connections.

    If the device doesn’t reflect the configuration, check the configuration URL in your Citrix workspace hub device console. Navigate to Services > NoTouchCenter and confirm that the Configuration archive URL is the URL at which you hosted the configuration file.

To manage Citrix Ready workspace hub devices

  1. To view and manage Citrix Ready workspace hubs in XenMobile after enrollment, navigate to Manage > Devices. The Devices table appears. Select Workspace Hub on the left to see the newly enrolled device. Choose the Citrix Ready workspace hub you want to manage, and then click Edit to view and confirm the device details.

    When you select the check box next to a device, the options menu appears above the device list. If you click anywhere else in the list, the options menu appears on the right side of the listing.

    Image of Devices configuration screen

  2. The General page lists device Identifiers for the platform type, such as the serial number, ActiveSync ID, and other information. For Device Ownership, select Corporate or BYOD.

    The General page also lists device Security properties, such as Strong ID, Lock Device, Activation Lock Bypass, and other information for the platform type.

  3. The remaining Device Details sections contain summary information for the device.

    • Assigned Policies: Displays the number of assigned policies including the number of deployed, pending, and failed policies. Provides the policy name, type and last deployed information for each policy.
    • Apps: Displays the apps that are installed, pending, or failed.
    • Delivery Groups: Displays the number of successful, pending, and failed delivery groups. For each deployment, provides the delivery group name and deployment time.

You can also perform security actions, such as full wipe or restart. For more information on security actions, see Security actions.

App Configuration device policy

Use the App Configuration device policy to deploy the Citrix Receiver configuration to Citrix Ready workspace hub devices. Go to Configure > Device Policies, add the App Configuration policy, and, under Platforms, select Workspace Hub. Configure the following Workspace Hub settings:

  • Connection Mode: Select Citrix Receiver.
  • Connection Name: Type a descriptive name for your connection.
  • Connection Target: Type a URL to load upon connection.

Some apps might require extra parameters to function. For each configuration parameter you want to add, click Add and then do the following:

  • Parameter name: Type the key name of an application setting for the Citrix Ready workspace hub device.
  • Value: Type the value for the specified parameter.

Image of Device Policies configuration screen

After you complete the configuration, choose delivery groups. For more information, see Device policies.

To deploy and update apps for Citrix workspace hub

  1. Because Citrix workspace hub devices only allow for deploying and updating a single file, first package all of your apps into a Squash FS file.

    For more information on creating a Squash FS file, see the Squash FS documentation.


    When creating the file, ensure that you output an .img file.

  2. In your XenMobile Server, navigate to Configure > Apps and click Add. Click Enterprise.

  3. Type a name and description for your app, and then deselect all platforms except Workspace Hub. Click Next.

  4. On the Workspace Hub Enterprise App page, click Upload. Navigate to the .img file you created previously and click Open.

    Image of Device Policies configuration screen

  5. Click Next. The Approvals page does not function for Citrix workspace hub.

  6. Click Next. The Delivery Group Assignment page appears.

  7. Next to Choose delivery groups, type to find a delivery group or select a group or groups in the list. The groups you select appear in the Delivery groups to receive app assignment list.


    Apps are always delivered to the device assigned to the delivery group. It doesn’t matter whether the app is optional or required because there is no store for Citrix workspace hub devices.

  8. Click Save.

After the apps upload to XenMobile, Citrix workspace hub devices receive the update when restarted.