Install on small devices

XenServer enables customers with smaller devices to install XenServer 7.1 using the legacy DOS partition layout. A small device is one that has more than 12 GB but less than 46 GB of disk space. The legacy DOS partition layout includes:

  • 4 GB Boot partition

  • 4 GB Backup partition

  • SR partition (if present on the local disk)

To install XenServer 7.1 on small devices, you must add disable-gpt to the dom0 parameters. You can use menu.c32 to add the parameter to dom0.


The installer preserves any utility partition that exists on the host before the installation process.


We recommend that you allocate a minimum of 46 GB disk space and install XenServer using the new GPT partition layout. For more information, see Host Partition Layout.

Install on small devices