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Known Issues

Dec 21, 2015

The following is a list of known issues for the XenMobile 8.5 release:

  • Same app in multiple app categories only appears in one category in Worx Home Store. In the Device Manager web console Applications tab, if you define multiple app categories, and then add the same app to multiple app categories, when you push that app to a device, the app will appear in only one app category.(EWB-12540)
  • Selective Wipe on Samsung Knox not removing all configurations from Knox container. In some cases, performing a selective wipe of the Samsung Knox container on Samsung S4 devices is not completely wiping entire Exchange ActiveSync configuration from device. (EWB-12626)
  • Windows Phone 8 Exchange ActiveSync policy does not allow for password configuration. The Windows Phone 8 Exchange ActiveSync policy does now allow you to set the user password. The device user will need to set that parameter from the device once the policy is pushed. (EWB-13590)
  • XenMobile Remote Support Connection Configuration Unicode Display Issue. Unicode are not displayed correctly in connection's configuration. If you enter Unicode characters in the Remote Support Tool Connection Configuration, they characters do not display correctly when you click OK to save the configuration. (EWB-13240)
  • Unable to Search Windows Phone 8 Store imported apps in Device Manager. If you are adding apps from the Windows Phone app store, Device Manager doesn’t support searching for those apps on the store from the Device Manager web console. (EWB-13500)
  • Windows 8 does not support strong authentication for enrollment. (EWB-11398)
  • Worx Home on Android does not show SharePoint site in portrait view. (EWB-12983)
  • Device encryption is not working on Nokia Lumia 820 devices running on Windows Phone 8. (EWB-12372)
  • Worx Home on Android app crashes when user tries to upload encrypted files (greater than 3MB) from Local Docs to Shared Docs. (EWB-11406)
  • Windows Phone 8 enrollment dependent on port 8443. Windows Phone 8 enrollment use port 8443 for passing in user name password, but if the Device Manager server is not IOS enabled then 8443 is not created, and thus Windows Phone 8 users cannot enroll. (EWB-11988)
  • Windows Phone 8 Password Policy Limitation. On Windows Phone 8, there is a limitation when setting a Password policy with Password Complexity to 'Alphanumeric or Numeric', 'Alphanumeric, Numeric or None' – the result is that it only allows numeric passwords. This is a known issue with Microsoft. (EWB-11916)
  • Configuring and deploying multiple Exchange ActiveSync configurations to the same devices resulting in deployment issues. When deploying more than one Exchange ActiveSync configuration to The second configuration deployment does not completely overwrite the original configuration, so the result is a combination of both configurations. (EWB-12662)
  • Windows Phone 8 internal apps (not from the Windows Phone Store) cannot be auto-uninstalled after they are removed from Worx Home Store (Windows ‘Company Store’). The apps must be uninstalled manually from the device. This is a Microsoft limitation. (EWB-13499)
  • Windows Phone 8 external apps installed from Worx Home Store (Windows ‘Company Store’) are not being removed after admin issues a revoked or selective wipe of the Windows Phone 8 device. (EWB-12433)
  • XenMobile Mail Manager (XMM) Local Rule changes cannot be automatically reversed. Whenever any XMM access rules are changed, added or removed, the entire set of rules (Local, XDM, + Default) is re-evaluated. There is no attempt to automatically “undo” rules that have been removed. (XMM-12626)
  • XenMobile Mail Manager supports only one LDAP configuration per-installation. XMM supports only one LDAP configuration per installation. If you want to manage the traffic of more than one LDAP configuration (such as the root domain, sub domain, and so on), you will need to install XMM for each domain. You can set LDAP connection properties to use the Global Catalog Server, which will give you access to global groups across domains. To do this, you modify the connection string from "LDAP:" to "GC:". For example, instead of "LDAP://dc=citrix, dc=com", use "GC://dc=citrix, dc=com". (XMM-81)
  • App Lock policy issue, iOS limitation.  If App Lock policy is applied before the App gets downloaded on the device then the following message appears, "Guided access app not available. Please contact your administrator." The device then freezes in this state and user is unable to perform any further function on it. In order to bring device again to a useable state, the user needs to deploy Profile Removal for deployed App lock policy or perform a Selective wipe/ Revoke on it and then Re-enroll.  This case is being considered as an iOS limitation. (70154349)