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To renew an APNS certificate

Dec 21, 2015
To renew an APNS certificate, you need to perform the same steps you would if you were creating a new certificate. Then, you visit the Apple Push Certificates Portal and upload the new certificate. After logging on, you see your existing certificate or you may see a certificate that was imported from your previous Apple Developers account. On the Certificates Portal, the only difference when renewing the certificate is that you click Renew. You must have a developer account with the Certificates Portal in order to access the site.
Note: To determine when your APNS certificate expires, in Device Manager, click the About tab and then look in the APNS certificate information section. If the certificate is expired, however, do not revoke the certificate.
  1. Generate a CRS by using Microsoft IIS.
  2. At the XenMobile APNs CSR Signing website, upload the new CSR and then click Sign
  3. Submit the signed CSR to Apple at Apple Push Certificate Portal.
  4. Click Renew.
  5. Generate a PCKS #12 (.pfx) APNS certificate by using Microsoft IIS.
  6. Update the new APNS certificate to the Device Manager server. Log on to the Device Manager web console, click the About tab and then click Update APNS Certificate.
  7. In the Update the APNS Certificate dialog box, locate the APNS file, enter the certificate password and then click Update.