Product Documentation

To create a .pfx APNS certificate on a Macintosh computer

Dec 21, 2015
  1. On the same Macintosh computer running Mac OS X that you used to generate the CSR, locate the Production identity (.pem) certificate that you received from Apple.
  2. Double-click the certificate file to import the file into the keychain.
  3. If you are prompted to add the certificate to a specific keychain, keep the default login keychain selected and then click OK. The newly added certificate will appear in your list of certificates.
  4. Click the certificate and then on the File menu, click Export to begin exporting the certificate into a PCKS #12 (.pfx) certificate.
  5. Give the certificate file a unique name for use with the Device Manager server, choose a folder location for the saved certificate, select the .pfx file format and then click Save.
  6. Enter a password for exporting the certificate. Citrix recommends that you use a unique, strong password. Also, be sure to keep the certificate and password safe for later use and reference.
  7. The Keychain Access application will prompt you for the login password or selected keychain. Enter the password and then click OK. The saved certificate is now ready for use with the Device Manager server.
    Note: If you don’t plan to keep and preserve the computer and user account that you originally used to generate the CSR and complete the certificate export process, Citrix recommends that you save or export the Personal and Public Keys from the local system. Otherwise, access to the APNS certificates for reuse will be voided and you will have to repeat the entire CSR and APNS process.