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To configure Self Help Portal enrollment

Dec 21, 2015

You can configure Device Manager enrollment so users can use the Self Help Portal to enroll their devices.

If you have Self Help Portal privileges in Device Manager, you can select the type of enrollment mode with which you would like users to enroll. After you set the enrollment mode, users can log on to the Self Help Portal and generate enrollment links that allow them to download the Connect app and enroll their devices, or they can choose to send themselves an enrollment invitation. When they receive an enrollment invitation, they can download and install the Device Manager client software and enroll their devices.
  1. In Device Manager, click Options in the upper-right side of the console window.
  2. In the XenMobile Server Options dialog box, on the left side, click Enrollment Setting.
  3. Select an enrollment mode, such as High Security or Two Factor and then click Edit.
  4. In the Configure Enrollment Mode dialog box, enter the following information:
    Note: The options may differ depending on the enrollment mode you choose.
    1. In Expire After, set an expiration deadline to ensure that if a user does not enroll within a certain time period, the user cannot enroll through the Self Help Portal.
    2. In Maximum Attempts, enter the number of attempts to enroll a user can make before the user is locked out of the enrollment process.
    3. In Template For Enrollment URL, select a template to use for the Enrollment URL. For example, Enrollment Invitation generates or sends the user an email or SMS (depending on how you configured the template) that enables the user to enroll with Device Manager.
    4. In Template for Enrollment PIN, select a template used for the enrollment PIN (if you selected the PIN-based enrollment mode). This option generates and sends the user a one-time PIN to use for secure authentication during enrollment.
  5. Click Update .
  6. In the Configure Enrollment Mode dialog box, click SHP to set the selected mode as the default Self Help Portal enrollment mode. If you see an error message stating "Please go to Edit and make sure this mode is bound to all notification templates first," make sure you have selected a template in Step 4.