Product Documentation

To create custom terms and conditions for enrollment

Dec 21, 2015
Many companies have their own policies and legal review around using technology that connects to a corporate network. You can use your own, company-branded terms and conditions policy file to enforce your users to Accept or Decline the Terms of Use, for both iOS and Android devices. This file must be in the .pdf format to work properly.
  1. First, convert your Terms and Conditions to a .pdf file.
  2. Name the file "enduserterms.pdf".
  3. From the Device Manager web console, select the Files tab.
  4. Click New File.
  5. In the Import a file to the XenMobile MDM database dialog box, click Choose File to select your terms and conditions .pdf file, and then click Import.
  6. After you upload the .pdf file, you need to add it to the Base Package for either iOS or Android, so it will be presented to users during enrollment and they will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. If a user declines to agree, then the user will not be enrolled into Device Manager. You can also add it to a regular (non-base) deployment package, if you prefer, depending on how you have your user groups set up to receive packages.