Product Documentation

To enroll Windows 8 devices in Device Manager

Dec 21, 2015

To enroll a Windows 8 device, you need to be running Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise, and you need to enable sideloading for the device. Sideloading enables you to install the Worx Home app, and is a process that allows the Device Manager server to install the Worx Home app on the device.

  1. On the Windows 8 Tablet, open Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter the web address of the Device Manager Citrix Mobile Connect app download: https://<devicemanager_servername>/zdm/CitrixMobileConnectAgent.exe
  3. Click Save.
  4. Browse to the Downloads folder in Windows Explorer and then tap Run as administrator.
  5. In the Run the Install Shield dialog box, tap Yes.
  6. After the app (and service) installs, on Start, tap the Citrix Mobile Connect app to open it.
  7. You will be asked to re-renter your Windows credentials. Enter the Windows domain or User Principal Name (UPN) and then tap Lookup. XenMobile searches for the server address name.
  8. Next, on the logon page, enter the Device Manager server name and then tap login. The console status page appears.
  9. Tap Save. You will see a status page showing that you have been enrolled.