Product Documentation

Citrix Worx Store for Android Apps (MDM-only)

Dec 21, 2015

You can provide your users a list of recommended or required apps on their Android devices. You can add external (free or for cost) apps hosted on Google Play or Amazon Application Store as well as internal, in-house apps that your team has developed. All apps appear inside the Citrix Worx Store for Android apps on your users' Android devices.

Populating the Citrix an Enterprise Application Store for Android requires performing the following tasks:

  • Add the custom-made or external apps from the Android Google Play or Amazon app store to Device Manager.
  • Create and push a deployment package containing the apps to the device.
  • Brand the Citrix Worx store with your company logo or image (optional)

Users view the apps you deploy on their Android devices by opening the Citrix MDM Connect and then tapping the Apps icon.