Product Documentation

To push applications to iOS devices

Dec 21, 2015
You can push both external Apple iOS apps or apps that you developed internally within your organization to devices from Device Manager. You can select apps you want to push from the Files tab and then deploy the apps in a package.
Device Manager provides two security policy settings that you can apply to applications before you push them:
  • Prevent App Backup. To ensure that certain external apps are only installed on devices that you manage, you can choose to remove a pushed app on an iOS device if the user removes their Device Manager profile.
  • Remove App When MDM Profile is Removed. Before you push an iOS 5 app to an iOS device, you can select the Prevent Backup of App Data setting, which will prevent the user from backing up a specified app either on the user's computer (via iTunes) or through iCloud.
Note: Before you can push an iOS app to a device, the app file must already have been imported into Device Manager.
  1. On the Files tab, select either an internal or external app and then click Edit or double-click the app.
  2. In the app properties dialog box, select:
    • If you want the app to be removed if the user deletes the device's Device Manager profile.
    • if you want to prevent the app from being backed up by the user.
  3. Click Update.
  4. On the Deployment tab, on the New Package menu, click New iOS package.
  5. On the Package Name page of the Create New Package wizard, enter a name for the iOS app and then click Next.
  6. On the Groups of users page, select the users whom you want to receive the app on their devices when you push the app and then click Next.
  7. On the Resources to be deployed page, in Available Resources, select the app you want to push, click the right arrow to add the app to the package and then click Next.
  8. On the Deployment schedule page, configure to push the app Now or at a specified time in the future and then click Next.
  9. On the Deployment rules page, specify any deployment rules you want to associate with the app and its deployment and then click Next.
  10. On the Package summary page, review the package deployment configuration and then click Finish.
  11. To deploy the package, select the package and then click Deploy. Connected devices receive the package as soon as scheduling rules are met. Reconnecting devices receive the package as they reconnect, subject to other rule criteria. When you push external apps to a store, the user is prompted to enter the user's Apple ID credentials in order to install the app.