Product Documentation

Application Tunnels

Dec 21, 2015

Device Manager Application Tunnels (App Tunnels) are designed to increase service continuity and data transfer reliability for your mobile apps. App Tunnels are used to define proxy parameters between the client component of any mobile device app and the application server component.

Device Manager tunneling acts as a stream buffer to overcome inherent network issues, such as irregular latency or network hopping. Tunneling also provides checkpoint restart capabilities, which is critical when bouncing between cellular data points. Furthermore, Device Manager automatically applies on the fly data compression and AES encryption to all data traffic transiting within each tunnel.

You can assign a tunnel channel dedicated to each mobile app and monitor the apps. For each App Tunnel you define, Device Manager transmits and monitors the data streams in a separate tunnel.

App Tunnels provide the following benefits:

  • Security through encryption of data traffic.
  • Efficiency through compression of data traffic (can help reduce strain on your device data plan as well as battery usage).
  • Reliability through buffering of data traffic. For example, if a device loses connectivity or switches from WiFi to 3G, App Tunnels make sure data traffic is buffered until the connection is reestablished.
Note: Each application requires its own tunnel.

This section includes procedures for creating App Tunnels in Device Manager and for creating a remote support App Tunnel specifically for the Remote Support help desk application.