Product Documentation

To create a remote support App Tunnel

Dec 21, 2015
You need to create a remote support Application Tunnel (App Tunnel) to support the Remote Support help desk application, which allows for the remote control of mobile devices over-the-air through Device Manager.
  1. In the Device Manager web console, click the Policies tab and then under MDM Policies, click to expand the device type for which you want to configure a remote support App Tunnel.
  2. Click Tunnels and then click New tunnel.
  3. In the Create a tunnel dialog box, in Name, enter a name for the remote support app tunnel.
  4. Select the Remote Support check box.
  5. Optionally, under Connection configuration, in Connection time-out, select the Define check box and then enter a value in seconds to indicate the interval in which the connection to the Remote Support application should time out.
  6. In Secure Connection, select the Use SSL connection check box if you want to configure a secure connection between the Device Manager server and the Remote Support application.
  7. In While roaming, select the Block cellular connections passing by check box if you want to block the tunnel while roaming.
    Note: WiFi and USB connections are not blocked.
  8. Click Create.